Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Friday, January 20, 2012

because you came here.

What is doomtube? it is the tube of doom but when it  came to it that was already taken so now it is doomtube. It has been doomtube for year. It is a moniker. Name of name of the names. It is a tube filled with doom, a long dark tunnel.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Okay, well this morning i decided to do a quick post to this blog... that was at about 9:20 am... i had written the blog post after about 20 minutes,(a revised version of said post may appear at a later date... not here though!) and thought I would illustrate the blog with a picture. Now i have attempted to do this previously and given up. I will not go into great technical details but i got rather frustrated with the whole stupid sodding thing ... maybe i go into the details at another time, i will just show you this which may give you a vague idea of the problems. You see for some reason even i am not really sure about i do like to use the mac journal software to write this stuff... a totally irrational and pointless need but that seems to be the way it has become. So i spend two or so hours trying to work out what should be the very easy option of adding photos to my rare blog posts. With this blog service it seems rather bloody hard. So without real rhyme or reason from now on my blog will be here: ... where my first post will appear in a bit.

image test..

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


For some reason twitter is really annoying me lately, I don’t really know why, possibly the constant stream of mindless dribble about the xfactor, which I see as a sort of catalyst for many things that are wrong with this dustbin of a country we live in. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think the country as a whole is a dustbin, more that this new government and the economy and blah-blah.... Anyway this little post that no one will ever look at is about twitter, not the Country. I just sort of get a bit depressed by the relentless bollocks that makes up the stream of tweets i see. I think it is that every now and then the low brow pop culture and the internet links (hahahh here’s a picture of a sign with the word balls in it/hahaha here’s a smug geek reference to some comic book/ look look here’s a link to a youtube clip of a puppy farting onto a guitar string... it’s playing the theme tune from ‘beadles about’ etc...) ....see what i mean.....

Anyway it’s not any ones fault really, it’s me, i’m a grumpy bugger.... and when my mood improves i’m sure i’ll find the clip of the man falling over in tesco brilliant again..... i just hate the xfactor and it’s base culture and the smug self appreciating little tweets from certain tweetlets.... see it’s me not you IT’S ME!!!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

i must try harder!

We had an old freind, well when i say old i don’t mean she is old, just that I have known her for a long time, (in fact vicky has known her for most her life) and she happened to ask me if i still wrote this blog. I had to say, of course, that it had somewhat fallen by the way side, not though that it was ever exactly regular.... Any way it’s funny because before i saw her i had been thinking of the little phrase about it actually being just as hard to form a habit as it is to break one... see that’s not really a phrase as such ... but anyway you get the idea. The thing is i have fuck all to actually write about. I started some bollocks the other night about crappy remakes of horror films but it didn’t get very far :::>

this isn’t really about horror film remakes, it’s more about a narrow band of films... no hold on i’m wrong, it is about horror film remakes. Why are the cars always pristine vintage? what happened to making the people, who no doubt will end up the victims of the horror that is bound to overtake them in the hour and a half long colour heightened semi perfume advert style shot nonsense. wheres the dirt? why is it all so clean and neat. The great thing about children of the corn, the original is that we care for the couple, we see them being in love with each other. these in the new one are bitter from the off set... whats the point? Also the kids arn’t scary either....

And Also i have write 3 quarters of a really crap short story which at some point i may plop up onto the internet for the 6 people who ever read this to have a look at...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

What have we learned from this....

OKAY OKAY OKAY so i was wrong not to include every vapid detail of the film, i promise sooner or later i’ll get round to remembering the title. The point is though, what did we learn from this clip, or as the exact words of the comment say “what's this supposed to teach us?????” -lovely use of the question mark there i think. I my self am a big fan and user of the question mark, as you will know if you see my tweets on twitter....
ANYWAY!! - “what's this supposed to teach us?????” let me think.... first off i’m struck by the idea that someone would imagine a video posted in the entertainment ‘section’ of the youtube catagories would be expected to teach. I’ve never thought of entertainment as a source of knowledge, no, it’s entertainment, there to entertain not educate... That, however isn’t really the point, because i actually believe that this short clip does have something to teach us.... or me ...or you. Is it like the Zen Master repeatedly batting the pupil into a coma then tickling his gran till the little fucker wakes up... NO ... no for sure it’s not that. Is it as simple as: if you are a young boy don’t go into a strange laundry room were there are blankets that have minds of there own, and killer washing machines....
BUT NO! i think it’s some how deeper, more profound, more...erm... well let me put it this way: See my shirt? See it from where you’re sitting, yeah? see it looks like a shirt? well from where i’m sitting, actually wearing the shirt, i can see the individual threads. But you can’t. I can see the threads and i can see that if i take each thread apart i will have a whole bunch of long... thin... threads. It’s about perspective. you see shirt, i see threads. We see the washing machine chopping of boys head, boy sees the abyss... like he’s the snail crawling on a razor blade etc......erm WHAT? sorry that went a bit funny didn’t it... see what i’m trying to say is this: we all know, as adult viewers, that the head that is actually cut off from the body is a bad plastic representation of a boys head. Are we supposed to be fooled by this cheap special effect that what we are seeing really is a boys head? No, i don’t think we are, it’s just a representation...i mean i don’t think we have ever seen a young boys head actually chopped off by a washing machine but rational thought tells us it would be rather more messy that what we see on the youtube... So lets get back to the question => -“what's this supposed to teach us?????” about this: the final moments of the clip, just before it cuts to the next scene with the falla chopping madly at a brown face, we hear the sound of the head revolving at some speed within the machine... what if this sound were to be looped? sort of like a trip-hop tune from the mid nineties... possibly from one of the nightmares on wax collection. Cos it is isn’t it, a nightmare...FUCK IT it is a hideous nightmare that if we place into real life would be mind bending disturbing. Like for sodding hells sake man, you find the decapitated head of a young boy in a washing machine and it seems the boy put his head in there of his own free will! .. We don’t know about the sheet, and there don’t seem to be any blades. We assume this poor young chap was brutally killed by a lunatic, we can’t grasp the concept of the washing machine having some kind of ‘mind of its own’ ... to begin to accept the possibility that machines have a malignant life force that not only want to kill but wants to kill innocent boys with quite trendy Italian hair cuts...

I could go on... and i think i will but at the present time i think the best thing i can do is post the details of the film=the house of the lost souls and say sorry.

see, the thing is I've been thinking for a few days now about what i saw in the window of a take away shop the other day. This scene has rather over ridden my thoughts i had about the SODDING WASHING MACHINE CLIP.... but you’ll have to wait to hear about that ... you lucky flumps....

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

what do we learn from this...?

The other day i posted a video on the youtube from a film, i forget the name of the film but it was some kind of late 80’s made for TV horror thing... utter dross. Well actually now i come to think of it, not utter dross. Not utter dross at all. It was one of those afternoons where i watch a film only half  paying attention and yet some how its imagery lodged in my brain like dirty shrapnel. Later, after i’ve scribbled out this crud i may well have to find out what film it was, when it was made, who made it, you know, all those pointless details nobody really gives a fuck about.... The point is a small portion of the film involved a boy getting covered in a blanket that seems to come alive by itself then being pushed, by the said blanket, into a washing machine, and decapitated. Unique. Unique i thought, as i rewound it and watched it again. So sort of out of place with its utter random viciousness... So i snipped the clip out and stuck it up on the youtube... that, i thought would be the end of it. But no! a bit later, i think it was the same day, i gets this email informing me someone had dropped down a comment on the clip, i can’t remember the exact wording of the comment, it was something like “what do we learn form this...??” . Profound! i was plunged headlong into deep thought. This question, in relation to the clip was staggering. Is staggering. A boy is pushed by a ‘magic’ blanket into a washing machine which then cuts the little buggers head clean off... what DO we learn? I was at a loss. So i’ve sort of stepped back and given it a bit of thought, and i came up with this:.....(see next post)